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NoClone - TRUE Duplicate File Finder

NoClone is a powerful file management utility to find out and remove duplicate MP3, duplicate photos or other duplicate files. Besides saving valuable local hard disk space, removing duplicates will also help to manage file well, speed up file indexing.

Why is NoClone a TRUE duplicate file finder?

By True Byte-to-Byte Comparison ,NoClone finds out the TURE duplicate files which are exactly the same in content, instead of FALSE duplicate files.

Why is CRC or MD5 not reliable?

Comparing file content by CRC or MD5 is a common practice of uncovering duplicate files. However the collision rate of CRC is not satisfactory and some research indicated that there is a possibility of collision even for MD5 hashing. Here is an example from http://www.mscs.dal.ca/~selinger/md5collision/:

Here are two files with same MD5 hash value (cdc47d670159eef60916ca03a9d4a007)*,which are judged as duplicate files by MD5 comparison.

Windows version: Hello.exe  erase.exe

Run them and you will find they got different output as follows:

Therefore, by CRC or MD5 comparison, it can’t be a TRUE duplicate file finder. Comparing exact content is the only way to ensure 100% duplicates and NoClone has realized that.

How does True Byte-by-Byte comparison work? Still efficient!

Some may argue that by Byte-to-Byte comparison, comparing file is slow and inefficient. However NoClone, a true duplicate file finder, optimized it to an efficient algorithm.

NoClone filters suspected duplicate file with same file size and type, from which blocks of data is read and compared. Duplicate file is matched with all blocks. With the above comparison algorithm, each file is opened once for comparison, which works as MD5 hash comparison.

NoClone - duplicate file finder Vs Windows XP duplicate finder

  NoClone - Duplicate File Finder Windows XP duplicate finder
Comparison True byte-by-byte comparison: no false duplicates; accurate CRC32 hash function: may result in false duplicate files; inaccurate
Similar files Specify similarity  
Mp3 tags
Definition of duplicate files Flexible definition:
  • Contents
  • File name
  • Date
  • Size etc
  • Same file name
  • and/or CRC32 only
Search criteria Flexible search criteria:
  • Sub-folders
  • File types
  • Multiple folders
  • Search against master folders
  • Single folder
  • Sub-folder only
Protect system folders
Exclude Windows and Program files folders
Duplicate Outlook emails
Mark duplicates Time-saving
  • Smart marker
  • Mark all except one
Select one file at a time
Deduplication options By Batch
  • Delete
  • Delete to recycle bin
  • Move
  • Replace by shortcut
  • Replace by NTFS hard link
  • Copy

On single file only

  • Delete
  • Move
  • Copy
Scalability Scan more than 1 million files May fail on large scan
Housekeeping Export result to CSV, Excel, XML; save search session Export to text file only
Windows Vista /7 Works with Vista / 7 ?

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